About Northern Grower

I am a military veteran. This my journey into the world of amateur mycology, psychedelic therapy, self discovery, and mental health.


NorthernGrower.com started as a side project in 2019. Originally the website was an ecommerce store selling grow tents, grow lights, and other indoor growing accessories. The COVID19 pandemic took a hit on the business and it closed up shop in late 2020. The website has been dusted off and repurposed as a blog dedicated to following my journey in amateur mycology and psychedelic therapy. 

Who  I Am

I am a retired military veteran. Exposed to some traumatic events due to my job I developed, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and Alcohol use Disorder (AUD). I have decided to pursue medicinal mushrooms in an attempt to regain control of my mental health.  This blog documents my journey from absolute newbie to amateur mycology, medicinal mushrooms, and psychedelic therapy.  

What You  Can Expect

You can trust that I will be transparent about the methods, equipment, and experiments I am trying.  As I am attempting to improve my own mental health I am using this blog as a sort of  journal of my journey. Putting the information out there in the public  will allow me  to help others get into the community and keep me honest. I am using this blog as an accountability tool. I hope you follow along as I conduct my own research and experiments and determine if psilocybin may be the next miracle drug.